This is an archive of the band profile for Spring.

Rich (guitar/vocal) and Jonny (drums) played with Rick (bass) and Dave (guitar). They recorded an album called "Four" (released 2002). Then Rick left to be replaced by Ricky (bass). This happy family released the album "Circle Cake" at the end of December 2003. Lots of gigs followed through 2004 with "Circle Cake" topping an Unsigned On-Line Chart (CD-Wow) for much of the year. In December 2004, Dave announced he was moving down south and so resigned from the band for practical reasons. In April 2005, Gary (guitar) joined the band and Spring spent the summer / autumn settling into the new line-up, playing a few gigs and above all rehearsing and recording their new CD "Cornered" which was released in late 2005 on Neon Glitter and featured a few acoustic based tracks along with the electric songs. Spring did a USA Tour in 2006 with new member Matt (bass). A new studio album "Sodium Days" was released in late 2009 featuring the current line up Rich (guitar/vocal), Gary (guitar), Matt (bass) and Jonny (drums). The band continue to play live occasionally doing mostly full band electric gigs but with with a few and 2-piece acoustic gigs thrown in. Their CD albums are available via or from