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They're not sure if anyone has repeated the secret chord that David played to please the Lord, but Fenton damn sure have tried!

This new indie three-piece from Leeds have put together a setlist containing future classics, brimming overdrive, pounding drums, incredible basslines and magnificent overblown guitar solos. When coupled with reluctant audience twerking, Fenton's live performances are a treat for the eyes and ears.

They're a melting pot for the individual band members' eclectic musical tastes. It turns out that a penchant for Pantera + Interpol + Manics = something that sounds a bit like Bloc Party. However, Fenton like to think there's something for everyone.

Check out and download their debut EP, Vanity, for FREE on Soundcloud (link below).

Fenton are:

Leo Jones-Rowe: vocals, guitar, synthesiser
Adam Porteous: backing vocals, bass
Matt Leech: drums

Please email for further details..