This article was published in 2014.

Earlier today owners of The Cockpit in Leeds announced the end of an era.

"It is with great regret that we have to announce the permanent closure of the Cockpit. After 20 great years as an integral pillar of the Leeds music scene we have decided that it is no longer viable to deliver you the level of service you deserve with the building in its current condition.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who came to watch your favourite bands, danced, stage dived, crowd surfed, found your life partner and gave the Cockpit its reputation as one of the best live music venues in the UK."

Over the years we have reviewed 370 events at the Cockpit, with gigs by The Drive-In, Kaiser Chiefs and The Music being personal favourites (of mine, Dave Sugden), although there were many to choose from.

The Leeds Gig Archive lists over 2,400 events and even that's not nearly complete.

Memories of the much-loved venue as a musician and a music fan are coming in.

"last band I saw there was Mongol Horde and I met Frank Turner at the same time. Favourite Leeds venue, absolutely gutted" @NicoleSR1

"Seeing The Ting Tings live there when they had just got to Number One. It was a brilliant night" @leeslator

"saw amazing Frightened Rabbit gig there. Did "Poke" unamplified in silent main room, brilliant." @BenFisher11

"Best gigs at Cockpit for me - Wannadies, Editors, Eels, Athlete, Soulwax and We Are Scientists to name just a few" @alexsobel

Lots of bands have commented how it became a marker for whether you had "made it" if you got on the line up. On Leeds Music Forum, it was posted:

"I can remember the days when I first started playing of thinking you were doing quite well if you got to play at the Well, and that you were doing really well if you got to play at the Cockpit.

Neither of them with us any more. Massive shame."

And @TheEddieHyndes tweeted, "I played Room 3 last time I was there. Gutted it's gone, but grateful it was there."

LMS editor Katriona said, "I remember an epic night when Cage The Elephant played their first ever UK gigs. In my top 10".

And LMS founder Dave Sugden met his wife there at one of the legendary, popular Saturday night clubnights, Garage.

Please share your memories to us @leedsmusicscene.

And with that sad news, the day also had some exciting positive news to counter-balance with the announcement that a new live music venue will open on Merrion Street, bringing the best in rock, pop punk and metal. The Key Club opens Saturday 20th September and will host both Slam Dunk (Tuesday) and the Garage (Saturday) club nights as well as many of the gigs that are being relocated from the Cockpit.