This is a review of "Dirty Disco" recorded by Happy Daggers. The review was written by Jordan Fearnley in 2014.

In the past, Happy Daggers have released some decent indie-disco tunes: dry but tasteful. Now they have had their fingers in a variety of pies, and feet mudded by plenty of festivals, it's about time they got dirty. I mean filthy.

Upon first listen of their latest EP 'Dirty Disco' (Phat Mannequin Records), I noticed the bass is fatter and grittier than ever, yet the vocals have never sounded sweeter. The guys have obviously put a lot of effort in to texturing in keys, effects, and noise in between the high and low end. The Daggers' ever-improving sound has never strayed from their distinctive two-step-like-no-one-is-watching feel. Not cheesy, just immense party music (four-to-the-floor party music that isn't, urgh, house).

Happy Daggers should fill venues with their thumping hits exactly like they did at the late, great Cockpit earlier this year. Get on your dancing shoes and let loose.