This article was published in 2014.

The lovely boys at Jumbo Records have been really busy with the influx of students that hit our city for the start of the new academic year, but Matt Bradshaw still had time to put together the best of the local artists' recent releases, for the month of October. Check out their suggestions and, if you can, see them Live at one of out wonderful local venues

Thanks Jumbo!

KNUCKLE - This Week's Been Hell

A roaring, thrashy guitar noise-laden melodic treat which fits in nicely with the heavy revival of bands like Royal Blood and Drenge...This hitches to a bluesy beat and rumbling riffage very nicely! You'd hear this down SANTIAGO'S for sure....!!!


Nice to hear him doing so well (Uncut Magazine and 6 Music are all over him at the moment....Blending Americana and Yorkshire grit Sam has produced an excellent set of songs based around love, loss and drinking with friends with the usual fantastic guitar work. It's boozy heart-breakers and slide-guitar magic all the way! I expect LAYNE COFFEE SHOP will be playing this.

OF COLOURS - Bloodless

With a feast of feisty sounds and an almost cold-wave approach, this being only their second release I predict big things indeed! Produced by the legendary Choque (Black Wire / Black Star Liner) I can't wait to hear more.... Expect to hear at BELGRAVE MUSIC HALL.

DEAD RESIDENTS - Dead Thy Neighbour

Don't Talk To Strangers is an incredible label (and labour) of love and have put out some of Yorkshire's (and beyond) greatest HipHop releases and the new one by Dead Residents is another classic to add to their already impressive canon. Far flung rhyming that curls around your brain, production and beats that beat all-comers boasts. It keeps you hooked like a fish at an anglers convention...And behind every corner there lurks some real messages for those in the know! You'd get down to this at Sunday Joint at THE HIFI CLUB.

X-RAY CAT TRIO - Bloody Deeds

Surfin' twang-lang and drawl that touches a rockabilly vibe too...Taking in rockin' blues and a little bit of punk. This is another great release from these cool cats and is already causing a stir in certain circles...You'll find the stutting their stuff down at the SELA BAR.


Ooof! Some incredible idea's on offer here with ghostly lush vocals floating through walls of drum-breaks, gripping guitar effects and electronics and sonics of the weird and unusual kind...Very special indeed! I suspect you'll hear this on the stereo of BEER RITZ.