This is an archive of the band profile for Montagu.

Montagu were formed in September 2013 out of a mutual love of Britney Spears. After realising that Britney Spears was just terrible they decided to make some decent music for a change. This has resulted in them writing a full albums worth of material in just a few short months, and not one school girl outfit in sight. With a guitarist who is surgically attached to his guitar, an absolutely beautiful bass player who can never do anything wrong and a drummer who materializes when he's most needed, they are simply awesome.

Montagu have already performed at many different events in their short time together, including the Blackpool Music Festival, Amnesty International charity events and seeing in the New Year in Blackpool's number one rock venue The Blue Room. They've also been known to do a rare acoustic show every now and again.

Fast drums, driving basslines and unique guitar solo's, Montagu are always looking to put on a show that you won't easily forget. Led Zeppelin, Muse, Jimi Hendrix and Foo Fighters are just a few of the influences and inpirations for originals and covers alike (every now and again 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' still finds it's way into the rehearsal room...).