This article was published in 2014.

Leeds Music Scene is on the look out for a couple of new volunteers to join our existing editorial team.

We're looking for someone to look after our "videos channel", picking out the latest Leeds and West Yorkshire music videos and help promote new music from across the region via our YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook networks, and by embedding video content into articles on our primary website, plus the creation of playlists that promote a mix of bands playing around Leeds venues in the coming weeks. Anticipated effort required is approximately 30 mins per week.

Our second role is to be our go-to person for singles, EPs, albums, track reviews from Leeds / West Yorkshire bands, someone that is able to collate and track requests from bands and reach out to a small network of reviewers to find a suitable person available to write about that music. Also with an ear to the ground about new music in the area that may not have necessarily been submitted directly to Leeds Music Scene. An interest in reviewing the music yourself is also preferred. Posting news / promotional articles about new releases from Leeds bands (i.e. not just a review) is also something we would hope this individual could perform. Anticipated effort required is approximately 2 hours per week.

At this stage both of these are volunteer roles and are not paid positions. If you are interested in knowing more about either role, please contact Katriona on editor [ at ]