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Phil Jones
Ali Epstone
Mark Forster
Tom Ramsden

Formed in 2014 through the wonders of FaceTime and dropbox between Leeds and Sydney Australia.
It took making a record together thousands of miles apart for us to realise we had something that we truly loved and needed to make it happen.
Now all back in the UK, BS are in the process of making it all happen in the physical realm. A brand new single on its way and tour dates to be announced.

Black Surf is a band 10 years in the making.
Formed from the ashes of Leeds bands Mishkin and iswimwithsharks, rather than wanting to recreate the music we grew up listening to, we wanted to take those mid 90s college rock bands and create simple, shameless alternative rock that makes people want to kiss and punch each other at the same time.

Our debut EP, recorded in 2014 at Greenmount Studios, Leeds (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses), producer Jaco Naude in Sydney, Australia, is free to download and share.

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