This is a review of "RHS" recorded by NARCS. The review was written by Ryan Mitchell Smith in 2014.

NARCS are Wilko, Joe, John and Stanley and hail from Leeds. They are a self-styled NARC-Core band who have found a magic recipe for writing great songs and putting amazing live performances together.

First impressions of the title track "RHS" are of a high octane full-on Rock track, boosted when you realise that these guys know how to use dynamics and contrast and are stacked with great song-writing ability. This song is bursting with energy and personality in the disguise of many layered and gorgeous guitar parts intertwined with intelligent drumming and great lyric writing. This is a seasoned and polished outfit who are cantering their way down their own racecourse making sure that they nail every jump instead of racing ahead to the end. With a great vocal to cap it off it is extremely refreshing and has a mature catchiness about it in the same way that the Foo Fighters capture that certain something. These guys have got it.

The B-side is a track called "Bridge" and instantly we see another side of the band... a quieter, even more mature and progressive side that allows this song to progress really naturally. This is a much more downbeat track at first which brings forward lots of reverbs and soundscapes to deliver an ethereal atmosphere before kicking into the intensity that only good contrast knowledge can deliver correctly and NARCS' do just that. This is an epic slow-burner that reels you in and then is not afraid to bend the structures a little, to ensure that the audience always feel part of the songs outward journey. This is a most excellent single which I shall be recommending to many people. Great stuff with shedloads of attitude.