This is an archive of the band profile for The Filthy Palms.

Nathan - vocals & guitar
George - guitar & vocals
James - bass & vocals
Pete - drums

The Filthy Palms are from a small town in West Yorkshire, which although is spelt Keighley but is pronounced Kee-Flee. Proud of their part of the world they take delight in the fact that their songwriting is inspired by and echoes what it is like growing up in a northern town.

The Filthy Palms story started on Sunday 24th August 2014. On the train home, after watching the Arctic Monkeys at the Leeds Festival, that Nathan and his friend George decided to start a band. They roped in a couple of mates, wrote a short set, recorded some demo tracks and by December 2014 they were on stage performing.

It all kicked off well and they lit up the local music scene very quickly. Although there has been a few line up changes, mainly bass players, the group is now a settled cohesive, creative songwriting and performing unit with Nathan: Vocals & Guitar, George: Vocals & Guitar, James: Vocals and Bass Guitar and Peter: Drums

In May 2015 the Filthy Palms set off on their first tour. It was at this time that they were getting noticed by independent labels and by the end of the tour they had signed to Pyar Records. After producing their first music video for the demo track, 'Says the Queen' (made up of mainly live performance and reportage footage), they hit the road again to hone their 'live sound' before heading into the studio to record their first EP: Sway Your Bodies, Not Your Car.

Its release on 31st October 2015 marked a major landmark in their musical journey as, just over a year since they started, their music became available to the whole world via iTunes, Apple Music & Spotify. To help promote this the lads embarked on a series of EP launch gigs, from Leeds to London and back again whilst also recording another music video for the track, Shallow, available now on YouTube. They are currently playing shows every week up until Christmas and are already taking bookings for early 2016.

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