This is an archive of the band profile for Fizzy Blood.

Fizzy Blood are a band born from ambition, determination and resilience. Based in Leeds, UK, their refreshing musical bravery has seen them shed any traces of the generic with their own brand of retro-inspired rock. Packed full of blistering riffs combined with a modern song writing ethos, they've succeeded in creating something that stands apart from the current trend of rock music and stands with one foot in the desert blues of Queens Of The Stone Age and another firmly planted in the soulful, punk infused rock and roll of Pulled Apart By Horses.

The five piece's primary outing commences with an assured swagger, attributed to deadpan vocals, A Slippery guitar twang and a strutting rhythm section. The Bands live shows are akin to shaking up a bottle of cola and plunging in a tube of Mentos. Before you can blink, Fizzy Blood's effervescent rock 'n' roll froths with an rampant urgency, where those deadpan vocals have transformed into a guttural howl and the Homme/Fallon bromance has turned ugly.

Only having been together a year the band have a number of UK Tours under there belts with bands such as Allusondrugs, Press To Meco, Freeze The Atlantic, Attention Theives, Weak Nerves, and Punk icons The Dead Kennedys, As well as appearances at 2014's Download Festival and London's KOKO..