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The Red Room are a 'orrible Bradford based band, who mix Dali surrealism with raucous music and performance. Sol the singer, is a sick preacher, with one of the best voices (or voices?) in in the village. His ambition is to take on rivals Nick Cave & including his Bad Seeds in a fist fight.

The Red Room members include former Laboratory Noise chaps Dominic Sheard (guitar) and Andy Ramsden (drums) as well as The Strawman (bass) and Ali (guitar).

The Red Room 6 track debut EP was recorded by Andy Ramsden with sonic assistance from Dark Mark (Golden Cabinet). A recent launch gig with Leeds band Himself at Bradford Playhouse proved a great success.

"GG Allin with a college degree" Quote, a punter.

Band influences include Howling Wolf, Iggy Pop, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Oliver Hardy, David Lynch and Dr John..