This is an archive of the band profile for Plagueship.

John Richardson - Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics.
SG Mikaelsson - Bass, Drum Programming, Wizardry.
Brad Thompson - Vocals

Plagueship is a extreme metal studio project founded in a bedroom in Leeds by John and SG. Plagueship started late 2012, shortly before John left his previous band. Brad joined shortly afterwards, completing the studio line up.

Plagueship released their first single "The Falling Fa├žade" via bandcamp August 2012. This single will feature on the bands first full length entitled "Shrykull", which is currently being recorded and is intended for release later this year. The album will be released completely free through the band's bandcamp, and physical copies will be distributed at local gigs.

Sick of the live scene, the stress, financial problems, creative constraint and overall band life, Plagueship was originally intended to be a studio only project. However Plagueship plans to become a live act in the near future. Watch this space..