This is a review of "Romantic Errors of Our Youth" recorded by Brawlers. The review was written by Ryan Mitchell Smith in 2015.

Brawlers are Harry, Ant, Matthew and Pert from Leeds and together the band are a well-founded and catchy-as-hell rollercoaster ride of high-octane Punk Rock. They are closer to Rock than Punk and give their music a really clear direction and attention to detail, which means that the music they are producing is polished on the quality front, whilst boasting a raw sound that with their producer have managed to tame enough to assist them in making a great sound on the record up for review.

'Romantic Errors of Our Youth' is Brawlers' debut album released on 6th April 2015 and sees the band landing in our laps with a sneak peak which gives a very strong first impression. From hitting play the songs on the album come thick and fast and each song has its own catchiness and reason to be exactly where the band have chosen to place it on the album. As an open-minded listener being introduced to the band for the first time... I cannot help but be impressed by the songwriting particularly. This is an album full of complicated song structures that do not sound complicated at all, and harmonies and melody lines that intricately weave throughout the album, whether they are delivered by the strikingly brilliant vocals or the particularly tasteful and anthemic guitar lines. There are also some absolute corkers on this record that can only be described as "anthems" in their own right... which all adds up to a dynamite first album offering.

There are ten tracks in total, and I shall leave it to the band to announce their track-list... but the songs that have made it on to the record really are superb and together are no doubt full of fan favourites. The stand out tracks start with 'Annabelle' which delivers a great hook-line, and 'High Again' which has flavours of Wheatus and Arcade Fire which contrasts with a more Strokes style edgy sound that balances this record out in the bands own un-sound-a-like style overall. A personal favourite is a stonking track called 'Two Minutes'. This song pushes the boundaries of structure and does not waste time in getting into the listeners head as a catchy yet not long-winded and refreshing track that stands out for its harmonies and brilliant chorus. The band have captured a fun element to their music which does not see you 'not' taking them seriously... in that the songs lyrical content is top notch and not tongue-in-cheek, but their music has a feel-good-factor that the band have managed to inject into the songs which absolutely transpires through the speakers directly off the record. That is HARD to do and these guys have nailed it. 'Windowmisser' is absolutely brilliant and reeks of the anthemic vibe I mentioned before. 'Romantic Errors' then hits you as a fantastic "see you later" track that again impresses with its unconventional harmonies and structures. The album climaxes in a party atmosphere in that the last three songs let their hair down and give for a fabulous outro to a great listening experience.

Simply put... this album is a *must* buy.

The album is to be released via Alcopop! Records and is a much anticipated full-length offering from the band which follows their 2014 EP entitled 'I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit'. Teamed with a heavy touring schedule, infectious disposition for good times and an intent to spread the good word of rock 'n' roll, Brawlers have earned many loyal fans all over the UK and this earned them being cited in Kerrang!'s '20 Hottest Bands In The World Right Now' which is no small achievement! Good work guys... this is a fantastic album that fans will be delighted with when they put it in the player after the gig, turn it up to eleven and hit play! 'Romantic Errors of Our Youth' is a solid as a rock, belting first record from an intelligent and great band. I for one will now be keeping a very close eye on them.

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