This is a review of "Incapacitated, Ill-fated and In Love" recorded by The Grand. The review was written by Sian Goodwin in 2015.

It's been a whole year since I last reviewed Wakefield's most famous three-piece, The Grand. Admittedly I am surprised at how long it took the guys to finally produce an album, it seems to have been on the cards for a while now. But here we are, with their latest 10-track album, Incapacitated, Ill-fated and In Love, due to launch this May.

With a sound reminiscent of bands like The National, the new album explores the theme of love. But not that horrible mushy love you find in pop songs. No. This is more tragic. On almost every track lead singer Russ, tells the story of heartache and harsh realities.

Speaking of Russ, his powerful howls pack a punch. Track 3 'I Don't Want To Make You Happy, I Want To Make You Cry' is a prime example, and my favourite track on the album. In fact, it's been on repeat for the past hour, it's so infectious. Although, this particular track isn't exactly new, it was also on The Grand's 2-track EP released last year.

Overall, the album has quite a stark feel, no frills, it's simply all about the sound. Which is how music should be really, isn't it? The elements of sadness have been retained since the 2-track EP, but this time, made even sadder. The whole album is emotional and intense which is great, but I think at least one feel good song would have helped to brake up the string of sadness slightly.

Incapacitated, Ill-fated and In Love feels polished and complete. The long process of recording has paid off. The Grand have produced an album based on complex love stories and I'm hooked. Their new album is definitely worth a listen, you can catch them playing at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds this month on April 24th, for their last gig before the album launch.