This is a review of "Spin City" recorded by CryBabyCry. The review was written by Ryan Mitchell Smith in 2015.

Up for review is the latest single offering from Wakefield outfit Crybabycry "Spin City" which was released April 10th 2015 at the bands EP Launch at The Brudenell in Leeds.

The trio are Rosie Doonan, Jonny Firth and Nici Todd and they are based in Wakefield/ Leeds and are a relatively new northern band: "The Black Keys meets Nancy Sinatra" is an accurate sound-bite and I would add that the band have a certain Hendrix swagger in that the bluesy riffs and hooks that are oozing out of the band have that same instant likeability and knack of sticking around in your head. These guys are destined for big things if they are writing and recording songs of this calibre and at such an early stage of their band conception too... I don't think that is an accident.

The band are made up of three incredible musicians in their own right, who have existed in various disguises and earned their stars in different forms over many years of hard work on the UK music scene. The result of them getting together is a match made-in-heaven if this is the sound they are producing. The band have a clear direction by simply focussing on gigging often, releasing great songs, and going with the flow. It's a happy and prolific place, which is producing some of the best music I have heard in a long time and shows promise of even more excellent musical times to come... if this is where we are heading... then I'm all in.

Spin City enters with a driving thumper of a bass line, gritty and grungy guitars and a gorgeously tight drum beat, before a badass vocal emerges that has everything from catchiness to attitude with bluesy bread and butter in-between. The vocals are utterly delicious and have a real grit to them. Rosie delivers the verses and Jonny joins her during the choruses and bridge to sing what is a perfect blend that these two have forged together in both their melodic and production choices on the record. Nici adds the tasteful but hard-hitting back-bone beats which only further cements that the three of them together really *know* what they are doing. The track gives us driving sections and gorgeous cutaways with rampaging guitars before a grungy yet ethereal bridge section, which adds a real progressive vibe. I'd call this ideal festival music tailor made to make the largest of speakers shake in their housings. This song made me say "Oof" out loud. I do not say "Oof" lightly.

The single is not so much a must buy, as a must buy before everyone else buys it... because it is going to sell like the hottest of little cakes. Why? Good songs sell. This one's a belter.