This is a review of "This N That" recorded by The Do's. The review was written by Ryan Mitchell Smith in 2015.

The Do's are a hard hitting grunge-rock duo from Wakefield. Elliot Oldroyd is on guitar and vocals and Matthew O'Leary backs him up on the drums with vocals too and that simple recipe creates an absolutely gigantic sound. The guys released their latest EP "This N That" on March 27th 2015 on Philophobia Music and it has landed on my desk for a good look see.

It is a 4 track hit-em-between-the-eyes EP that immediately stands out as a great EP. Here's why.

The intro is a simple riff and there is no vocal to be seen, however the guitar riff and kit create a catchy and addictive hook together that Lo-Fi's its way through your lower intestines and breaks out in a severe foot tapping and immediate head nodding. This is sharp, to the point, and brutally simple. It's fantastic. The second track "Review and Decide" is a thumping grunge-a-thon that introduces a great vocal that really cuts through and has a great mannerism about it. It's got swagger and attitude seeping through its production and the guys at Philophobia Music have done a great job. This record sounds rich and layered with plenty of attention to detail. "Satisfied" is a rather more bouncy and working song that lyrically stands out on top of some really crisp guitar work. This is a really catchy song that I got really addicted to! The title track is the last one, "This N That" and it does not disappoint. The attitude remains in abundance but added urgency chases the guitar riffs that join the pushing kit in what is a really moody and driving song. The lyrics are brilliant and delivered at just the right times in that they come in just before the start of a guitar phrase which adds to the chasing nature of this song. These guys really know what they are doing.

This is a bloody brilliant EP that shows the band off as a force to be reckoned and will undoubtedly assist them in getting even more exposure, which they thoroughly deserve. The Do's are clearly hard-working and passionate about their music and this EP is absolutely full of class. Good work!