This is an archive of the band profile for Motor City's Burning.

Soon to be your new favourite party band, consisting of The legendary Rhythm section From A Forest Of Stars and members of Soilborn. this Band were formed for one purpose, to 'Bo Diddley'* some classic tunes and to rock your tiny socks off (ok, that's two, but who's counting? really?). Playing a vast spectrum of classic Rock, Rock 'n' Roll and Blues in their very own high octane style, covering the Classic tracks of Elvis, Hendrix, BB King, Etta James, Steppenwolf, Cab Calloway, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Wham to name but a few (well, maybe not Wham, but you get the idea!!!!) already with several successful local Gigs under their collective belt and more gigs coming up. Your pub needs this band to give your locals a night of dancing, drinking and rocking out retro style. So Mr/Mrs/Miss Landperson, do yourself a favour and get 'em booked while you can!!! they've been called one of the tightest live bands in Leeds and if you don't believe us, ask any of them to buy you a pint or better still, get them on at a soiree round yours!

'Remember, we only do covers because all the greatest songs have already been written!!' - Motor City's Burning, 2010

*Bo Diddley - 'To Bo Diddley' means to take someone elses songs and make them your own, see also 'direct theft'

Motor City's Burning are -

Axl Ingram - Vocals & widdley widdley Guitar
Si Thresh - Backing Vocals & not so widdley widdley Guitar ( currently on hiatus in saaaf affreeka)
Ol Jessop - Bass & oranges
Gaz Hodgson - Drums & Nice Burns.