This article was published in 2015.

In this day and age, being geographically close to your band mates is more of a suggestion than a requirement. For childhood friends Ali Epstone and Phil Jones, it wasn't necessary. The duo started Black Surf on two different continents-Europe and Australia-releasing their debut EP from FaceTime sessions and piecing songs together through Dropbox. Now reunited in the UK, the grunge rockers fleshed out their band to a quartet and are working on their first official release. Today we're excited to premiere their latest song, "Lights Out"-an homage to '90s alt-rock (think Weezer, Superdrag). Stream the incredibly catchy song above.

"I was sat on the bus and overheard a guy tell his friend a really bittersweet story of his school crush," Epstone reveals. "He was hanging out with this girl but was royally stuck in the friend zone for months. When he eventually confessed his love for her, she paused for a while and said 'Listen to 'See you next lifetime' by Erykah Badu' and walked off. At this point I'm at my bus stop, haven't heard the end of the story and I'm hooked because this dude is really painting quite the picture. So the guy goes home excitedly to listen to the song and is completely blown to pieces when he reads the lyrics. The lyrics basically suggest it's right guy but wrong time situation and the guy is heartbroken. He said 'It was like a stab and twist' and that struck a chord so I robbed it along with his story and wrote it all down. I thought the music to 'Lights Out' has a real waltzy high school prom feel to it, so I just thought this whole story was a perfect match. So thanks to Erykah Badu and the broken heart of a man on the bus, we have the song 'Lights Out'!"

Keep a look out for more tracks from these guys in the coming months. We have a feeling you'll be hearing their name a lot as the year continues.