This is an archive of the band profile for Every Weapon.

Every Weapon started out in 2008 as an instrumental four piece featuring the detuned Black Sabbath influenced heavy riffing of guitarists Jim Dowell and Leon Powell. The band soon attracted lead vocalist Joanne which resulted in a handful of acclaimed gigs including Equal Fest 2011. Subsequent line up changes left the band as an instrumental trio so Jim, bassist Tom and drummer Jesse took the opportunity to broaden their scope.

The band has spent the last couple of years jamming and writing together, methodically evolving a high volume blend of 70s hard rock guitars, 90s alternative rock tunings and reverb drenched wig-outs. The band cut their teeth on the LS6 diy gig scene of the early 2000s and in 2015 Every Weapon are planning a series of diy gigs with friends old and new, to bring their sound to the attention of West Yorkshire and beyond..