This is an archive of the band profile for Hunny.

A snarling, screaming, kicking and screaming 2 piece Grunge Rock band from Leeds/Nottingham, hell bent on giving the best live shows and moving the listening experience to an unforgettable live experience.

Having been featured on BBC Introducing East Midlands and Leeds Student Radios on a loop, Hunny have since been swarming the Leeds, Nottingham and afar music scenes with a raucous energetic performance that channels the performance charisma of Nirvana with echoes of The Pixies and White Stripes.

Hunny have been playing shows for about half a year across the UK, with plenty more to come. Having gained recognition with bands such as 'God Damn' and 'The Doldrums' Hunny have earned a reputation for chaotic and explosive live sets.

With roaring and pain stained vocals and lyrics, crunchy aggressive guitars and heavy hitting percussion, Hunny is a exciting, dramatic and thrilling experience not to be missed...

We aim to please. Are you ready?.