This is an archive of the band profile for Sly Antics.

This here is a band with promise and potential and we are only just seeing the beginning of it - LITTLE INDIE NIGHT

These guys play hard and fast, creating tension and release with great ease - DISTORTED SOUND MAGAZINE

On any good music lovers "to watch" list - 45 MAGAZINE

Very loud and very exciting - RIGHT CHORD MUSIC

Incredibly musically complex tracks, grounded by gruff vocals that impress from start to finish - HUMANITY HALLOWS

We are Sly Antics. Two cousins and a taller man called Tommo. We aim to make noise that leaves you feeling like you've been hit hard and repeatedly in the face with a box of stale cereal.

We are driven by our hate for Northern Rail combined with our love for salt and pepper chicken wings. We want to make a nest in your ears, settle down and shout absurd things to you whilst you attempt to carry on about your day as if we're not there.

We peeped out our heads in the summer of 2015 and thought,'Yeah go on, why not', wrote some noise, recorded it at Greenmount Studios in Leeds and called it Captive City - our debut EP.

We take influence from hard rock champions such as Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and any band who are pumping sweat and blood through their music.

Now we have a gaggle of tracks, BBC Introducing airplay and are hitting the North where it hurts before expanding our reach to the South and beyond. Captive City will be filling your stockings this winter. You can't pretend you don't feel it.

Sam, Lee, Tommo - Sly Antics x.