This article was published in 2015.

Earlier today Beacons Metro revealed the first set of events taking place in Autumn 2015, including Pissed Jeans, Factory Floor, Titus Andronicus, East India Youth, Ghost Culture, Lone Lady, and Traams.

After the announcement earlier in the year that sees the Beacons brand take a break away from the field of Skipton to the city, Beacons Metro will have a series of music, art and food events in a number of northern cities.

The Leeds venue will be the soon to open Headrow House, a former textile mill and new multi level arts and music space in the city centre, where Beacons will programme events for 12 weeks.

The first run of events revealed today includes the relentless 303 bass lines of Factory Floor, a special performance run in association with Recon Festival by Hookworms collaborating with Richard Formby (Ghostpoet, Wild Beasts producer).

Current events in Leeds include:

EAST INDIA YOUTH - Friday 2nd October - Headrow House
LONELADY - Saturday 3rd October - Headrow House
TRAAMS - Saturday 10th October - Headrow House
HOOKWORMS - Saturday 17th October - Headrow House
SON LUX - Friday 23rd October - Headrow House
EX HEX - Saturday 7th November - Headrow House
TITUS ANDRONICUS - Saturday 14th November - Headrow House
FACTORY FLOOR - Saturday 28th November - Headrow House

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