This is a review of "Long Island Ice Tea" recorded by Vendettas. The review was written by Mick Nelson in 2015.

The 4th single from Leeds self proclaimed energetic Britmod band, Vendettas with Long Island Ice Tea. The intro is short and it's not long before the lads leap feet first into the bouncy onslaught of what is a catchy single that stays true to their mod and rock'n'roll influences.

It is clear from various bits of press and PR, that the boys have a loyal following, so it naturally comes across in the record that they have tried to encapsulate the live sound in the studio, and it's worked. With catchy lyrics like "you're like a human bowling ball, you're constantly striking" along with hooks, choruses and bridges that flit about enough so you're never bored of the record, this is a well written single, both from a lyrical standpoint and from a musicianship one too.

The song structure is nothing new, but it is done very well, it helps that the lads are clearly well rehearsed musicians with a great respect for their particular craft. The Beatles-esque harmonies that hang round the chorus hark back to the glory days of the era they admire and the lads do a decent job of replicating the sound of that monochrome time.

The production on the record is also of a decent quality, overall there's maybe a bit too much top end for my liking and the drums may sit a smidging too high in the mix, but this is meant to be a punchy-catchy-in yer face single and retrospectively that's what makes it exactly that.

These lads aren't going to take over the world but their world isn't mainstream, it's niche, like their sound and they do it very well.