This is a review of "Soul" recorded by The Loose Cut. The review was written by Mick Nelson in 2015.

Formerly The Scandal, this is the debut single from Leeds band, The Loose Cut. After a brief change of the guard and a little reinvention, the lads come back and unleash their promising debut single. Citing similarities such as Paul Weller and Kings of Leon the lads describe their sound as powerful British rock.

The single is well written, powerful and emotional, creating a reaction from the start that maintains hope throughout. The lyrics appear genuine and from the heart. The guitar in the chorus is a little too clean and predictable, it could do with a bit more dirt to mirror the gritty, honest vocals. The rhythm section are well rehearsed, but apart from the bass licks throughout the verse, there is not much more to shout about. However, it is straight rock and it is done well and done tight. The chorus guitar riff sits a little too high in the overall mix, but is saved at two minutes and thirty seconds with a neat and well timed guitar solo, that echoes back to 70's rock; a trick that Kings of Leon have been utilising for over ten years now, yet here it still sounds fresh and impressive.

It is quite conceivable that these boys could get signed, they fit the mould and are clearly well versed at writing short, catchy songs, which is the name of the game. I suspect the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter for these boys and I would suggest that they are definitely ones to look out for in the future.

Watch the video for Soul here