This is a review of "Even If" recorded by Ceiling Demons. The review was written by Mick Nelson in 2015.

It's the return of Yorkshire favourites, Ceiling Demons. 'Even If', marks the comeback of producer Beat Demon, after a mysterious disappearance to the Far East, apparently.

The single opens with a promising ethereal female vocal that transcends into a feel good trip-hop beat that could well be a Morcheeba record in disguise. I'll be completely honest, when the main male vocals come in, I find that it just doesn't do it for me, there is something about rhyming in a Yorkshire accent that just doesn't sound quite right.

The vocals on this particular track sound forced and unnatural. It's clear that the vocals are written from the soul and that the guy is passionate about rhyming, but the mispronunciation of words such as thrive as "frive", just takes the sheen off an otherwise very well polished record. The overall production is good, littered with nice licks and loops that seem to include a loop from a guitar, which sits nicely within the chorus and this in turn keeps the track fresh and alternative. I think another male vocalist signing the same lyrics would make this a fantastic single. You wanted honesty.