This is a review of "Beasts of England" recorded by Fighting Caravans. The review was written by Rosie Driver in 2015.

Leeds very own Fighting Caravans have released their EP 'Beasts of England' and are making a true mark for themselves following recent successes at 'How the Light Gets In' and 'Live at Leeds'. Now you will find them venturing to new pastures in Amsterdam and Ireland following the launch of their EP on the 1st October. They describe themselves as an alternative rock band, but I would go further to add soulful to the beautiful sounds heard throughout the EP. The more I listened to the tracks, the more I grew to love the soft tones and catchy beats.

Beasts of England has been taken from the famous Orwellian verse and shows a clear, more polished progression from the band's earlier demos. The EP was a pure delight to listen to with soft melodies, catchy lyrics and an unusual twang to top it all. I enjoyed the Blues influences and almost country American feel at times.

Tyrannosaur is the first track which sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the tunes. The track starts with solid vintage rock guitar before soulful vocals begin. The almost American twang emanates through with the background guitars and drums all working well together. Powerful lyrics power through, starting with 'In a French coma I give in...' The opening line entices you through to a strange love song. The Blues, country feel lasts throughout the EP ending with Only the Old Ones, which sounds to me reminiscent of 1960s American rock. The beautiful guitar maintains throughout and is accompanied perfectly by the soft vocals. This is definitely worth the wait on the EP before you get to it.

They are due back in the UK and in the local area in Bradford at The 1 in 12 Club on the 24th October.

The EP can be ordered here

Watch Tyrannosaur here: