This is a review of "Adult" recorded by Blacklisters. The review was written by Hayleyyyyy in 2015.

Released on 18 September 2015 by Leeds based Blacklisters, Adult, the 10 song album starts off well but doesn't have enough punch to keep me interested.

The opening track, SHIRTS, starts with an almost Boards of Canada / Skullflower noise feel and moves into a driving, simple beat with intense vocals. CASHCOW has a change of pace and feeling of late 90s Deftones, but along with THE SADNESS OF AXL ROSE, the tracks just seem to wane in energy.

That said, BIG TICKER is my favourite song from the album, with lots of layers and texture. Although it's a slower, and less aggressive song, it's intricate and interesting. However, the rest of the songs on Adult I find to be generally unremarkable, aside from DREAMBOAT, which is the saving grace on the last half of the album. It has a slightly more subdued feel compared to the other songs and I like the repetitive theme.

I have a feeling that Blacklisters would be a fantastic band to see live and to understand them better. They're obviously an intense, energetic group but to me, their music doesn't transmit well to CD without having seen a live performance.

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