This is an archive of the band profile for Happy As Larry.

Hello, my name is Larry Chambers and my band is called Happy As Larry.

My mates are called Karl, he plays the bongos, and Wayne, he plays the piano. I play the guitar and sing the songs. We write all our own stuff, including this fascinating biog. We love children and flowers and we would like to travel the world and meet interesting people.

Happy As Larry began in August 2002, we produce a newsletter to advertise our wares, the first issue came out at the end of August- look out for it in music venues, studios and shops, including Rockshack on Cardigan Road. We are currently recording our first CD which should be finished sometime around mid October- "these things take time.." !! Contact us below and we'll send you a Newsletter. Congratulations for getting all the way to the end of this gripping advert, lots of love... Larry xxx

Tel: 07950 925 818 Post: Happy As Larry c/o Rockshack, 164 Cardigan Road, LEEDS LS6 1LL.