This is an archive of the band profile for Pink Rick.

"The kind of noise punk-rock that makes you want to get naked and stand next to whatever amp is loudest. A sound and vibe reminiscent of Nick Cave's The Birthday Party, only more fun." - Run Riot

"Like stepping in something nasty only to find it's actually a dropped tiramisu, and there's a load more in the fridge, 'Different Species' is an unpleasant pleasant surprise. There aren't that many great guitar bands around right now but Pink Rick resemble two of the few, combining Girl Band's deafening yet deadpan screaming and discordant guitars with Fat White Family's sleazy stagger and kerplunking riffs." - The Monitors

"The band plays a distinctly pissed-off brand of rock that draws from the sludgy pools of noise produced by the likes of The Melvins. They put in an impressively menacing set, veering from doom-like dirges to frantic, Jesus Lizard-esque splurges of noise." - Soundblab

"The astonishing, nine minute long epic Hallow Thee By Name (Cut The Cord) sounds like Crass having a hissy fit. It's noisy, it's angry, it's punk rock at it's most visceral and it's most progressive. You won't hear anything this threatening in 2015." - The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Closed in, intense noise rock." - Contact Music.