This is an archive of the band profile for Black Hearts.

Black Hearts was originally founded in May 2014 under the name SuicideDefects, by Cullen Spurr, Deen Meeran, Nathan Berry and Kyle Carbutt; a group of friends with a similar taste in music, aiming to create something fresh and play energetic shows in the hopes that one day it would provide some form of escape for those who needed it - as it did for them.

After almost a year of writing, practising and being unable to find a drummer, the band played their first gig at the Key Club in Leeds and released their first song. Shortly after that, Kyle left, leaving the remaining three with doubts abut the bands survival.

However in May 2015 they wrote and released a new song: "Phoenix" with help from James Clark who soon after became their full time drummer. This allowed them to gig over the summer and record their EP "From The Ashes". Soon after this James Clark left and the band acquired two new members: Joshua Staves on clean vocals and James Wright as the new drummer. Creating a much better band dynamic and allowing them to be more creative musically.

At the beginning of 2016 the band won the "Musically Fresh One To Watch In 2016" award.

Having played extensively across West Yorkshire and releasing their debut EP, 'From The Ashes", they hope to spread their message of self belief in a heavy, energetic and captivating way..