This is an archive of the band profile for Kovax.

Kovax are a new hard rock / alternative band from Leeds, combining the alternative groove of bands like Deftones with huge chorus' of Bring Me The Horizon and raw aggression of Reuben.

The band started in late 2015 as an itch that couldn't be scratched, as music in the back of the mind that couldn't be ignored. Five months, some secret shows and a debut single later and Kovax launched in early 2016 with a four day tour to boot.

Kovax are now ready to take their carefully crafted set on the road and are looking forward to crazy 2016.

"I took a chance on Kovax, they were very new and I hadn't seen them live, but they put on a great live set and I'd happily book them again. Fantastic musicians with a very promising future ahead." - Christian Carlisle, BBC Introducing Sheffield

"Godot is a mighty first listen to Kovax and a hint that we might just be getting in on the ground floor of something special with it." - The RingMaster Review.