This is an archive of the band profile for Night Owls.

Clawing their way out of the more twisted end of the miasmic swamp of the Leeds music scene that's previously birthed the strange sounds of the likes of Hawk Eyes, Black Moth, Hook Worms and Pulled Apart By Horses, the pair are focused on delivering a more refinedand honed version of the grunge-laden lofi rock that's put Leeds squarely back on the international musical map in recent years.

Meeting over a mutual love of music in secondary school, they pull influence from the weirder end of the grunge spectrum, citing the likes of Nirvana, Pixies and Queens Of a The Stone Age as their main loves, with Savages and Warpaint also getting a nod. Blurring the lines between music and art, particularly those that challenge boundaries and make people think, Night Owls are of the opinion that the darker side of life is nothing to shy away from, celebrating the silver lining of those sombre moments sent to try us..