This is an archive of the band profile for The Dead Vaynes.

Leeds based sleazy rock and roll band hugely influenced by Johnny Thunders. Released one album, G.T.F. in 1985. Evolved into The Vaynes and then Stevie Vayne & The Slaves.

Band members on G.T.F ...

Steve Hulme (Stevie Vayne) - also played in To Be Continued, The Vaynes

Mike Ingham (Mick Vayne, Prince Michael Vayne) - also played in Shake Appeal, The Vaynes

Ian Hargreaves (Haggis, Uncle Haggis) - also played in Bastard, The Honeyslides, Stryker, The Vaynes

Paul Harrison (Harry Harrison, Sir Harry Vayne) - also played in Abrasive Wheels, The Vaynes

Other members through the various incarnations of the band ...

Bryan Tennison

Craig Adams (Craig Super Hero, Space Cadet No.1) - also played in The Alarm, The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, Spear Of Destiny, The Vaynes

Cyrus Murphy

Dave Williams (Dill)

Martin Scott

Richard Todd


Tony Nevison (Nev Nevison) - also played in Abrasive Wheels, The Vaynes, Zuma.