This is a review of "I think everything's going to be fine" recorded by Mi Mye. The review was written by Mick Nelson in 2016.

Mi Mye provide this lo-fi effort, "I think everything's going to be fine". Lead man, Jamie Lockhart, hails from northern Scotland, Skerray to be precise, but has resided in Wakefield in the last ten years. There's a reference to Wakefield's Westgate in this very single, the NME labelled Jamie a "Wakefield Super Hero". Anyway, cult status aside, in comparison to other 2:48 single "Great Sucksess", "I think everything's going to be fine" is a fairly timid affair that leans on the more lo-fi end of indie. Jamie's voice is very comforting, there's something about those Scottish tones that seem to soothe and put the woes at rest, especially in this relaxed context. The backing vocals at a higher pitch lend themselves nicely to Jamie's voice and the drums roll around as if falling down a spiral staircase made of pillows in slow motion. The song wouldn't look out of place on something by Beck in his Sea Change/Morning Phase era's, the music caresses your soul with carefully chosen patterns and sounds. The strings in the latter part of the song add a nice touch which complements the other layers. Although lo-fi in appearance, in the background this is quite a complex track with a lot of well-produced stratums. The instruments are all thoughtfully woven into the overall sound, creating a lush, soft foundation that Jamie's vocals float on top of. It's an accomplished effort that is worthy of any praise it gets.