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Band Members

Stevie Vayne (Steve Hulme) also played in The Vaynes, The Dead Vaynes, To Be Continued

Paul Barham (Paul King-Jar)
Mick Lake (Micky Psycho)
Honeymoon Paul
Reverend David Rev

Stevie Vayne - May 2016 ... "Generally people used to focus on the live performance and the power that all the bands I sang for would create live - a gig by Dead Vaynes, The Vaynes or Stevie Vayne and the slaves was usually a thrill a minute experience that was way over the edge ... but that detracted from hearing the songs and the words I had written. I would agonise over the minutest detail when I wanted to tell a story and had no fear of being either crude or colorful when painting pictures. I am very proud of the words on the Guarana album. I managed to tell stories and if you listen carefully they are poetic and street, amateur and naive but bold and honest. The album is a trip, enjoy the ride as some of the sonics across the three guitars go way off chart (Paul Barham and Mick Lake were the two principles on guitar and I was the cement that tried to hold it together on my own guitar).
There were some photos of this band, all laid out in my flat on a floor of bottles and memorabilia - this band was more about alcohol than the previous bands as I had gone through two years of paranoid psychosis due to much chemical abuse. If I'm honest then Guarana is my favorite album that I recorded - it's emotional and lays me bare and vulnerable but ultimately it's a break through and a salvation - it's story telling with cool details on the lyrics - it's not an instant win though. A listener needs to work a bit to find the core of this album, it's minimal and chaotic in equal measures - the drummer I limited to just a tom and a side tom and one cymbal. The bass is solid and not over elaborate, yet there are three guitars that fight for air against each other at times and then bliss out in sweet support of one another at others. The vocal is delivered without effect, raw and true, no gimmicks on this album just pure naked soul.".