This is a review of "Everything's Fuzzy" recorded by Superelectric. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Everything's Fuzzy welcomes the return of the psychedelic, indie dance vibe of Superelectric and follows last year's sampler E Is For Effort, A Is For Attainment. Since their appearance on the acclaimed three-city Circuit tour, sightings of the Leeds band have been rare. Out of sight but not of mind, those lucky enough to have experienced their ambient electronica before have looked forward to this day. Dazed & Confused drifts off into mellow Soup Dragon-era tones, whilst the wonderfully eclectic, synth driven Plasmodic ups the tempo. The entire CD features a plethora of beats and samples, with continuous knob twiddling and simplistic guitar structures overlaying an Ashcroft-esque foundation. Never overstepping the mark this 13-track album is instantly approachable to dance and indie fans alike, an accomplished piece of work that should seal a successful return to the UK music scene.