This is an archive of the band profile for Alyshah.

Alyshah (Jackson) is a soulful folk singer-songwriter with a very distinct voice that almost hypnotises as it is delightfully accompanied by her 'purdy guitar'. Her voice immediately stands out as being very enchanting in its tone and she definitely brings something to the listener that only she can. Her ever changing and wonderfully coloured hair and somewhat qwerky style is a pleasantly added attraction to.

Alyshah has a strong family background in music, with her father being a producer, and her past musical endeavours range from R'n'B to choir singing. She plays multiple instruments and even produces music too so lot's of powerful music is in store for us all.

In the summer of 2016 Alyshah has started collaborating to bring us some uplifting popular Dance music, whilst she continues working on her own acoustic projects and solo releases. She certainly isn't shy to cross genres and her first official release sees her team up with SMITHMUSIX of the planet Kepler 186f. SMITHMUSIX is known to be an alien, currently making music in order to make enough money to build his spaceship and return home. It's a good thing he is stuck on this planet for now so we can be blessed with classic timeless songs such as 'Summertime Fling'. This collaborations has proven to have done both artist a lot of favours with major EDM blogs applauding their work.

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