This is an archive of the band profile for Bloodshake.

Kieran Royston - Vocals, Guitar
Ash Shepherd - Guitar
Thomas Farmer - Drums

If you thought that punk and grunge are long dead, Bloodshake are here to prove you wrong. Coming from Britain's very own indie hub - Yorkshire - they are cutting themselves off the indie scene and bring you back to the times of when Nirvana took their first steps and the sound of Ramones and The Clash was not yet forgotten. Their sound is dark, dirty and gripping - perfectly explaining the band's name.

Established in Halifax back in 2012, the band was created by two school mates - Kieran Royston (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ashley Shepherd (lead guitar), bonded by similar taste in music. After taking their time to find their own musical direction, they were joined by a fellow dark-sound lover - Thomas Farmer, whose drumming skills helped them to develop and master the unique gloomy sound they were looking for..