This is an archive of the band profile for Flowers For Agatha.

Flowers for Agatha was a band based in Leeds, England, in the 1980s. It was formed by Jon Roberts. Among its other members were Jonny Cragg (drums) who later found global fame in Spacehog and Jeremy Dyson who became known for being a member of the team who wrote The League of Gentlemen. Jeremy (keyboards) joined Jon's three-piece version of the band in early 1984. Jon played guitar and sang, while Jon Hayes was on bass and Glen Barker was on drums. The band did a demo in off-beat studios with this line up: "Crash in the Theme Park" and "Dancing Where the Ashes Fall" (both songs are available on the band's website). The band supported The Cult in May 1984 and later that year put out a great single Presentation--"The Thickest Head."

Band Members - Jonny Cragg (also played in The Hollow Men, Spacehog, Arckid & The Twenty Twos), Jackie Chambers, Jeremy Dyson, Jon Hayes, Glen Barker, Jon Roberts, John Darwin, Rab Letham.