This is an archive of the band profile for The Hollow Men.

The Hollow Men were a band from Leeds who existed between 1985 and 1991. David Ashmore (vocal) Choque Hosain (guitar) Howard Taylor (Howie, bass) Brian E Roberts (guitar) and Jonny Cragg (also played with Flowers For Agatha, Spacehog. Arckid, The Twenty Twos - drums). Martin Vogue also played with the band.

The band toured with The Stone Roses, The Wonder Stuff and Ghost Dance. They also played with Suede and The Lilac Time.

The band decorated their stage set with trees based on those found in the children's TV show "The Magic Roundabout" - hence the name of the bands live followers "The Toytown Architects". They also used these same props in their debut video for the single "White Train" which can be found on You Tube along with other promos.

Between 1985 and 1994 The Hollow Men released four albums and numerous singles.

Starting out as a two piece for the first single Late Flowering Lust, David Ashmore and Choque Hosain (who was previously in Leeds band Salvation) were joined by bassist Howard Taylor for debut album Tales Of The Riverbank released on their own Evensong record label.

The three did another album The Man Who Would Be King again on Evensong before drummer Jonny Cragg, who had guested on the album and guitarist Brian E Roberts, a former band mate of Howard's when they were in The Passmore Sisters together, joined.

They signed to Arista records in 1988 and released their debut single White Train which was a remixed a version of the song that originally appeared on the The Man Who Would Be King album. The only album the band made for Arista was Cresta released in 1990. The band split up in 1991.

The album Twisted made up from unreleased, demo and live tracks was released in the US only on November Records in 1994.

After David left, new band Buzz Aldrin were formed but didn't last long. Jonny went on to drum in Spacehog & more recently Fever Hut, The Twenty Two's and Arckid, Choque in Mercury Music Nominees Black Star Liner & Sweetblood, Howard and Brian in the band Fever Hut..