This is a review of "Glacial EP" recorded by Glass Mountain. The review was written by Mick Nelson in 2016.

Bradford's Glass Mountain coming creeping out of the shadows with new release, Glacial EP. The opening track, sharing the title of the EP is a mature sounding, well produced song that plods relentlessly on. It paints a soundscape of walking wearily through a storm in the hope to one day reach the one that you love and adore, or at least that's what it makes me feel like! The track is very well produced and the instruments are all played with great conviction and they all fit well into the song which is structured very well. The opening piano leads you in, the rain starts to fall, the reverb guitar, your distant memories, the slow driving drums, your tired footsteps. The vocals on this first track suit the song nicely as well, adding to the melancholy. Up next it's "Birds In Heart", a more optimistic acoustic guitar introduces you to the song which then then rollocks into full flow with clunky bass and tub thumping drums and ethereal guitar. The vocals remain melancholy but it suits the angle of the song. The song breaks at a mid point and at 2:30 snowballs into a nice lo-fi solo, short and sweet, not giving a fuck. "Over Thinking" is a nice dreamy pop offering intertwined with acoustic guitar and whammy bending electric. Overdubbed dual lead vocals on this track work well with one taking the higher end of the scale and the other taking the more monotone approach, mixed together it's an effective result. "Medicate" stomps into the picture with real vigour, I'm getting thrown back to listening to Mansun and then the vocals and fuzz bass bring me straight back into 2016. This track flits between years and even has a nod to grunge as the ride cymbal washes away carelessly in the background. There's a lot going on in this track but conversely, it's the rawest sounding track. The final track is "Home In The Weather", it starts with sinister guitar sounds and aching vocals that break with a wave of piano. This songs pulls itself along, crawling with tears streaming down its face, it almost serves as a bookend to the EP. If the first song, "Glacial" is the hopefully yet melancholic song that is the soundtrack to walking hopefully through the rain, "Home In The Weather" is the saddening realisation that it's all over and sometimes you just have to accept your fate. It's a great, refreshing offering from Glass Mountain. It's powerful, well produced and appears to come from the heart. Ones to watch I'm sure of it. They are playing at Wharf Chambers in August and I'm sure the sound will lend itself to a live setting. If you like melancholy, check them out.