This is an archive of the band profile for Boyracer.

Boyracer was founded by vocalist/guitarist Stewart Anderson in 1990 (also see Steward) and released their first single in 1991. Richard Adams left the group in 1993, after which the group released its first EP, Naked. They then arranged to release further recordings via Sarah Records including two more EPs in 1993. Both James Chadwick and Simon Guild departed early in 1994, and Anderson put together a new line-up before releasing the group's debut full-length for Slumberland Records.

More lineup changes ensued in 1994 while the group continued to put out releases, with a number of 7 inch EPs and they toured the United States for the first time at the beginning of 1995. Later that year they signed with MCA subsidiary label Zero Hour Records. The label dropped them while they were doing a nationwide U.S. tour.

They then released several singles on independent American labels over the course of 1996. Early in 1997, the group split up, but in 2000 Anderson reconstituted Boyracer with several new members and new material.

In 2010 the band played two shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco as part of the Slumberland Records 20th Anniversary showcase.

The group played another show in Flagstaff, Arizona at the end of October 2011..