This is a review of "Disappear" recorded by Chambers. The review was written by Tomas Cummings in 2016.

Those dank, dirty doomy grit peddlers known as Chambers have another delectable morsel to tuck into with their new single "Disappear".

Opening with a riff trapped behind the glass of an oil lantern waiting to set your living room on fire, swiftly followed up with Kagoule and Placebo inspired vocals that are overtly candid which lends to their honest context.

It's common knowledge that a band is as good as their drummer and in this case that's no exception. Stocked full of block rocking beats, hi hat subtleties that tickle the nose and yet ready to dig into the gut rumbling toms with snare hits that could resonate you into next week, it's clear that Chamber's latest track is a testament to their ever growing sound and reach.

Lyrically dark, they seem to be a reflection of the self, challenging notions of identity and can be viewed as tragic in some places, yet has a tortured soul breaking free of the bonds of oppression in other moments especially with the lyrics -
"I'm still alive, but the tears weigh me down.
All it takes, is the words that I'm crowned.
Stare at the monster, please take me away.
They know it's hard, what a beautiful pain."

Since Chambers have struck out last year, it seems that their titan-esque guitar vamplifiers are fuelled by deep, brooding bass fuzz tones that are stitched together by discordant vocals and pumped up by the back breaking beats then woven together with the mastery of a drummer with great intuition.

Check out the new single on Spotify.