This is an archive of the band profile for Tomartyrs.

Tomartyrs are a collective of musicians formed out of the Leeds based label of the same name which saw the release of The Bazaars eponymous debut album back in 2013.

The dual-core of Jonny Woolnough and French experimentalist producer Gaetano Serra's paths collided one night back in 2009 with Serra on keyboard duties for musical mentor Damo Suzuki (ex Can). A friendship blossomed and a musical meeting of minds ensued, the pair instantly began creating music together. Serra soon drafted in the help of Suzuki's rhythm section with Pharoah Russell on drums giving Tomartyrs their creatively brooding rhythmic edge, while old friends Ritchie Townend and Jonny Pugh complete their live line up.

In the studio the band are all about catching the moment live on tape before Serra's production skills turn Woolnough's songs upside down, creating their edgy sun-blissed Motown in the South of France melodic pearls.

Tomartyrs have a stack load of classic songs ready to unleash on the world uniquely delivered in their brand of heavy latin spiced funk.

Band Members:

Pharoah Russell
Ritchie Townend
Jonny Pugh
Gaetano Serra
Tom McGeorge
Jonny Woolnough.