This article was published in 2016.

Leeds duo Chambers release their blistering new single 'Disappear' [our review], backed by the B-side 'Love Song', on Friday 5th August via Warren Records.

Born in the Summer of 2014 in Leeds and featuring Aeris Houlihan on guitar and Ellie Churchill on drums, the duo have a unique and clear vision of what they want to create, aptly labelling themselves as "Sister Doom".

Taking on board the raw grit of Nirvana, the infectious groove of Royal Blood and the darkly stylings of Slipknot, Leeds duo Chambers were brought together by a mutual love of grunge and horror, where they incorporate heavy and hefty riffs alongside raucous rhythms, with a lyrically powerful message.

Listen to B-side 'Love Song' below.

The single launch for "Disappear" will take place at Verve on July 30th.