This is a review of "End of Today, Start of Tomorrow" recorded by Young Amphibians. The review was written by Jack Hemingway in 2016.

What do you think of when you hear the name Young Amphibians? Children scouring a beach for seashells as depicted in the Sorolla painting of the same name? New life flourishing on the calm surface of an English country pond? Or perhaps a scene of wasted youth, mid 20's despair, a gut wrenching flash of the past?

You see, that is the thing about Young Amphibians, you can't quite pinpoint the way they make you feel. The Leeds based Alt Rock band comfortably entice you into the track with a glittering South American inspired groove, only to immediately make you question everything you hold dear, with the opening line "Did you ever find the good life?"

Tasty licks, hard hitting drums and a guitar solo to get lost in, keep this track speeding across the airwaves, leaving behind it a trail of dust and destruction. Beautifully choreographed stops keep the listener on edge, a feeling of unease that any moment this train could very easily career off the tracks. However, this is not the case. Instead, they slow the wheels in the second verse, allowing more space for the lyrics to really shine. "Forget the stars you see in deep space, they are just embers in god's fireplace" brings more of a feeling of wonder than remorse. However, as with all good things, this does not last. The band continue to get under the skin and into the subconscious, ending it all with the line "Looking at the life you've wasted, you know you could have had it all".

Even though Young Amphibians have been around for a couple of years now, they already have an EP under their belt, I'm left wondering why they haven't made more of a mark on the local music scene. Whatever the reason, I'm sure 'End of Today, Start of Tomorrow' will be a prominent feature on a lot of playlists this summer.

'End of Today, Start of Tomorrow' is available to download now on iTunes.