This is an archive of the band profile for Four Quarters.

Four Quarters were founded by brother & sister, James & Sarah in 2014 in London. Under various incarnations the band has played many venues across London supporting bands such as Whisky Stain, Ragweed & Nervous Twitch.

With a fresh lineup the four piece have now relocated to Leeds - and in May 2016 recorded their debut E.P. 'Queen Bee'. The E.P. has already gained plays from the likes of Croydon Radio, EGH Radio & Punk Rock Demo.

Band members have previously played in Leeds & London based bands such as Evans the Death, The Sticklers & O Fracas. Taking from a mix of influences, their songs range from 2 minute punks blasts to drawn out post rock kookiness. Never taking themselves too seriously and never straying too far away from a catchy pop hook..