This is an archive of the band profile for Heirs Of Zigardy.

Heirs of Zigardy are a Leeds based Rock/Indie/Blues band looking to shake up the rules, why shouldn't you play solos over classical music? They don't do classical music, but if they did, there would definitely be a solo. Why shouldn't they play bass lines from the tudor times? It worked well for Henry VIII so it only fits their regal pasture to follow suit. And why the hell shouldn't they play Sweet Home Alabama at the end of every set??

With their all new EP 'BLOW' they are out on a mission. The 3-piece band has an eclectic sound with numerous influences ranging from African-Tribal to specifically Spice Girls serving a weirdly intense pop vibe with a side dish of heavy blues, mainly down to musical differences/indifferences.

Don't be perturbed though, the volatile and seam stretching diversity of the individuals makes for an incredibly mainstream listen, and not one to miss!.