This is an archive of the band profile for Sear.

Michelle and Dan first collaborated on a demo by a band called Blasphemer, and were subsequently signed to Peaceville records under the new name Dominion. This saw the pair, along with band members Mass Firth, Arno Cagna and Bill Law, releasing two albums and featuring on several compilations. It wasn't long after their second album that Dominion separated, due to ever increasing "musical differences". Mass went on to set up his own living room porn business, Bill co-wrote, with Calvin, My Dying Bride's 34.788%... Complete, and Arno moved from his native Yorkshire and is now settled in London. Michelle and Dan, however, formed a writing partnership with a common goal in mind.

Influences such as :- UNKLE * PJ HARVEY * TOOL * MASSIVE ATTACK'S MEZZANINE * NIN * PINK FLOYD * CRYSTAL METHOD -: inspired them to explore a musical direction which resulted in music which could be described as melodic and emotive, with a dark edge and prominent use of vocals and rhythm.

Some time after that, Tom Allen coalesced out of the musical ether and joined Sear as a guitarist. Tom currently also plays with Brody, and Dan has joined Brody too. With a quickly expanding repertoire, Michelle, Dan and Tom hope to be gigging soon, once they have completed a full band line-up.

The demos have received much interest and encouragement from management and producers, and also showing an interest is the award winning Leeds Student Radio who have 'A listed' several tracks. Future Music described Sear as "Intoxicating".

2003 saw the release of Sear's new EP, Until The Dust Lies..., which combines the beautiful melodies and sounds of Michelle and Dan's earlier work with the powerful new ingredient of Tom's guitar.

2004 sees the band working with a new collaborator, Shorn Keeled of the band Immune. Sear are currently working on new tracks which shall see the band realese their fourth CD and their first full length album..